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Game 6: Rangers lead 7-5 in ninth, three outs of the title

Mike Adams moved Rafael Furcal with the bases loaded to end the eighth. Leading 7-5, the Rangers were three withdrawals from their first World Series championship.It's a mystery why not take the manager Ron Washington Neftali Feliz in the eighth inning, but it certainly is in the ninth inning to try to close it.St. Louis is 2-3-4 hitters coming: Ryan Theriot, Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman.___Craig Allen circuits Derek Holland in the eighth inning with a St. Louis cut the deficit to 7-5.This is the first Cardinals game outside the Netherlands, a jewel, began to win Game 4 have. The young left-handed only to Adams with Gerald Laird raised the next batter. Pinch-hitter was Daniel Descals Laird, who came on infield single when shortstop Elvis Andrus has been ill-advised throw to first instead of the second forcibly replaced.Jon Jay followed with a single to load the bases.___Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz each hit home runs in the seventh on the grid Lance Lynn, so that the leadership in Texas. Ian Kinsler added an RBI single to 7-4.Mammoth shot Cruz in the third deck in left field was his eighth tour of the postseason, the binding of the major league record Barry Bonds (2002) and Carlos Beltran (2004) in place.Holland to win in relief. He started and won Game 4 on Sunday, with two hit shutout in the ninth inning for a 4-0 victory.Holland has one Kinsler in the seventh.___A note on Beltre, was shot dead: It was 25 years ago tonight that the New York Mets won the World Series in 1986. That night, in Game 7 against Boston, hit another third baseman (Ray Knight) a leadoff the seventh inning to wear a tie.___After a costly error by first baseman Michael Young, Rangers reliever Alexi Ogando Yadier Molina walked loaded the bases in the sixth inning to tie the score at 4Another great game of Texas, catcher Mike Napoli helped preserve equality. Napoli intercepted Matt Holliday at third base for the second. Beltre did a great job blocking the ball with the foot and Holliday finger injured during a head first dive trying to get back.Holliday, who had prepared a rough night everywhere, left the game with a bad finger. X-rays were negative.The teams combined for five errors.___Rangers manager Ron Washington has loaded a lot of confidence at the start Colby Lewis, before finally shot in the sixth inning with the bases and showing off.Lewis had only one ball may be out of the infield, Lance Berkman two Homer run in the first round.Holland, who threw 116 pitches Sunday night, Jon Jay came back with a grounder to the mound with the bases loaded to end the inning.___Albert Pujols did not like the call for strike three sixth of the output, but it seems he was lucky not to get punched in the box above.___Child, the Cardinals are really a disaster for themselves for defense. Not sure if fixed, cold, rusty or what.Bate third baseman David Freese Pop Josh Hamilton fell in the fifth to the third error of San Luis - and you do not understand, he had a lack Freese a chance to catch before the game.Young followed with an RBI double to give Texas a 4-3 lead.___There is little interesting game of chess at the top of the fifth after an RBI double Young. Two trips later, the Cardinals manager Tony La Russa intentionally walked No. 7 batter, Napoli, who has 10 RBIs in the World Series. That led to runners on the corners for the emerging David Murphy - with pitcher Colby Lewis cover.Washington, Yorvit Torrealba got into the circle of the cover and in the Netherlands started to heat up quickly in the bullpen. La Russa do not be fooled by the traps, however. Fernando Salas hill near Murphy, loading the bases of intentional accidental operation. Forced to make a decision, remained in Washington with Lewis, who connected the input end.Lewis worked 1-2-3 fifth. Lynn in St. Louis, and worked without a sixth goal.The Rangers still lead 4-3.___Napoli run single in the right field line only gave Texas a 3-2 lead in the fourth inning.San Luis gave the Rangers base runner Leadoff Furcal and Holliday failed when Nelson Cruz pop remains superficial. Or support, and the ball bounced the glove Holliday, when the last minute. He was probably ball Holliday. He was with an error message that is estimated to reach second allowed Cruz. Cruz scored on a single by Napoli.Napoli was tenth RBI World Series.Moments later, Napoli sprained left ankle when he was clumsy in seconds. He was trapped between the two is sliding and standing. Napoli, which is on the way to the MVP award of the Series, if Texas wins the wall in pain at first, but went and stayed in the game.___Holliday in a close, hard Andrus Slide Away in the fourth inning to avoid a double play, probably would have caused an automatic DP - was limited at best.Not necessarily dirty. But not necessarily legal.This helped the Cardinals tie three RBI groundout in Yadier Molina. Lewis prevent further damage.An error by first baseman Michael Young won the race in San Luis began. Holliday then received a ticket, putting runners on first and second.___Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia was pulled after three innings.Fernando Salas relief when manager Tony La Russa is again the game - and season - in the hands of your home.Garcia left the score tied at 2, but lacked the command that made him so effective in Game 2. He was two double plays and helped defeat a few phone calls outside the plate umpire Gary Cederstrom. Texas squandered a great chance to get a comfortable lead in the first round of building.___Many Rangers fans at Busch Stadium hoping to see his team win their first World Series crown. Somewhat surprising if we consider that St. Louis loves his Cardinals.___This initial advantage did not last long in Texas.Berkman hit a two-run homer to left of Lewis in the bottom of the first inning, putting the Cardinals ahead 2-1. Lewis has given up 35-AL-ups during the regular season.Kinsler hit a double of a point in the second tied at two. Fox host Joe Buck said that the success of the Rangers' first World Series with runners in scoring position and two outs.Texas, trying to win their first World Series crown. San Luis is the hope of a decisive game seven in the series for the first time since 2002 to comply.___Berkman, cleanup hitter, connected with the first ball. Earlier, Albert Pujols also went to the first division of Lewis, but flew to the right.Live Schumaker scored after reaching Homer Berkman singled with one out. Schumaker started in center field for the second game instead of settling for Jon Jay, who is from 0 to 14 in the World Series.Schumaker can be an offensive spark, so it is now in the hole 2 of the range. San Luis, the guys in front of Pujols, Berkman and Holliday, the Rangers are forced to appear before it can - especially Pujols.___Garcia was the first batter in each of the first two rounds - not want this area to attack Texas. However, he had a break when Lewis played in 5-6-4 double play in the second.That actually was not a touch of evil, but third baseman David Freese was just above the Lewis, without danger, which would drop all that separates, however. Lewis needed to push the ball to the right - easier said than for an American League pitcher, which is generally not affected.___Game 6 is in progress, and the Cardinals are in trouble.Garcia is a ticket before Kinsler, Andrus singles in the center-left, sending Kinsler to third. Hamilton followed with an RBI single.Pulled with runners at the corners of Garcia. He retired to Michael Young and Adrian Beltre before Nelson Cruz in the land. Texas leads 1-0.This is already more than the Rangers against Garcia in Game 2, was achieved when he was only three hits in seven shutout innings and struck out seven.___Clear skies tonight in St. Louis after Game 6 of the World Series was postponed one day due to rain. The temperature is 56 degrees with light winds. Not a bad night to play ball.Much about who is the space for the Cardinals in a game of seven possible that have been made. The rainout gives manager Tony La Russa the opportunity to bring back ace Chris Carpenter on three days rest if you like. But it must come first, and nobody will know what La Russa. He refused to appear in Game 6 of the press conference before today's game.On the hill is a remake of game pitching duel between the two Garcia and Lewis. Both were excellent in the past, and the Rangers met in the ninth inning for a 2-1 victory.Garcia is at his best at Busch Stadium, while Lewis was in Texas series the most reliable starter for two years. He is 4-1 with an ERA of 2.22 in seven starts, and it was Lewis, who threw a stone near the New York Yankees in Game 6 of the 2010 NLCS.He received another blow to a night of tires.Although the game of phone 5 fiasco, the cardinals of the bullpen, there were very disappointed in the series. But they also have to go to their big bats.Pujols 0-12, plus overflow registration in Game 3, when he was three home runs, five hits, six RBIs and 14 bases were full.Berkman has a .389 average, but was hit seven times. Holliday was 3 18 (0167) has not been a producer and Furcal leadoff 3 of 20 (0150).

Rangers Tied 4-4 After Six Innings: Cardinals

ST. LOUIS October 27, 2011 (AP)
In a World Series game played in the formation slopfest spring, forcing Texas, Alexi Ogando reliever union run on a bases-loaded walk Yadier Molina for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Rangers 4-4 in the evening on Thursday after six pods.With Texas ahead 3-2 in the series and win their first title, the Rangers lost 3-2 1-0 and leads 4-3. The Cardinals committed three errors in a game in the series for the first time since 1943, and first baseman Michael Young had two Rangers, each team allowed two unearned runs.
Matt Holiday was arrested in the sixth to third on catcher Mike Napoli, go to thwart the Cardinals ahead, and had to leave the game due to a bruised right thumb.Josh Hamilton of the Rangers' RBI single in the first before Jaime Garcia, two-run homer gave the Cardinals Berk man throws the lead in the bottom half and Ian Kinsler added double tied 2 -, while in the third.

Nelson Cruz came to Holliday, if you have a flyball, the fourth and came home when Mike Napoli noted for its tenth RBI in the series. Berkman knew then for the first time an error to the youth of the lower half of throw and hit a grounder to Molina.Freese has pop from Hamilton in the third, dropped to fifth, and the young country of Fernando Salas, the gap in left center boundaries. A mistake made by young people about the sixth inning grounder by Holliday has three consecutive walks, including two straight by Ogando.

Both teams lost many opportunities. Texas was 3-13 with runners in scoring position and stranded nine, and San Luis was 0 to 4, with runners in scoring position and fell to 2 of 16 in Games 5 and 6
Lewis had four runs - two earned - and three hits in five innings 1-3.Texas has better oscillations against Garcia, who was shutout in Game 2, when he allowed three hits in six innings. This time he gave up five hits and two walks, throwing 59 pitches, seven of the 13 Texas batters reached first base.

Only 24 of the 61 previous teams with 3-2 leads won Game 6, but won 41 of the 61 teams for the title. Eighteen teams trailing edge of recovery 3-2 in best of seven format for the tournament, including 12 that have swept the home games the last two.

Offer in the pursuit of greater production behind Albert Pujols, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa brought Berkman cleaning and collapse occurred in the fifth Holliday.Rangers manager Ron Washington took the heat Napoli hit hit square in the seventh and eighth Craig Gentry, when he was in Game 2.

Hall of Fame blazer four cardinals dressed in Cardinal red, standing on the plate before the game. Red Schoendienst, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson and Ozzie Smith. And the best player on the Cardinals 90 years, Stan Musial, was fired from the right corner of the field to the plate in a golf cart. Praise wearing a red sweater and a jacket for heating the Cardinals, he and his colleagues saw the Hall of Fame Series MVP David Eckstein in 2006 to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Texas went from 10 pitches in. After a strike, Garcia walked on four pitches Kinsler and Elvis Andrus right hit and run single put runners on the corners. Hamilton fired the next shot in the right field for a single person and his third RBI of the series.

Garcia to emphasize once more young and Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz in an endless round forceout at its 23rd Success

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cash In on Playoff Chance: Red Bulls

Frisco, Texas - The Red Bulls have a wave of momentum last week when she revived just in time to rescue a playoff spot in the MLS. However, he had his captain, Thierry Henry, a warning that the team plays better when FC Dallas defeated the anticipated needs issued.

Excluding striker Thierry, Luke Rodgers, whose knee injury has ruled on Wednesday night left the Red Bulls seemed to be a difficult task. And after half slow for the first time he had a shot on goal, the playoffs seemed destined for passage of a game.

But at 61 minutes Joel Lindpere received a short pass from Mehdi Ballouchy - after the work of Dane Richards and Rodgers replacing the front - and put a shot under the outstretched arms of goalkeeper Kevin Hartman diving. Henry has a goal in extra time, when the Red Bulls won 2-0 in a wild-card game at Pizza Hut Park in front of 10 017

"We had to go more to the playoffs," said coach Hans Backe Red Bulls. "But I felt in the last two meetings we had a team environment. Probably the best we had two meetings this season. The timing can be advanced for us."

The Red Bulls, Los Angeles Galaxy in the first game of the two home games round aggregate series, which begins Sunday at the headquarters. As the lower seed, the Red Bulls move to the edge of the Western Conference for the rest of the playoffs.

Seventh-seeded FC Dallas finished the season 15-13-7.

With the Texas Rangers in the World Series, fans assumed here that listening to the verification of mobile devices, or waiting at the present value of St. Louis. But M.L.S. had the sports scene here after the match has been postponed six Wednesday afternoon, and FC Dallas head took the opportunity to lift the end of participation. The team was quick to announce discounted tickets for $ 6 to anyone with a Texas Rangers game ticket this year.

The Bulls had retired three of the top-10 crowd in team history this season after reaching the MLS Cup last year before losing to Colorado. That seemed headed to a place in the quarterfinals, but fall 2-5 in the final regular season with others was an elimination match for the wildcard. Dallas Football Club was demoted, 7-2 in the last two games.

The Red Bulls, who rode a 4-2-1 final point of the playoffs seemed listless in the first half when they were dominated, 10-6. Rodgers playing without their second leading scorer slow, could the attack. Rodgers injured his knee in the game the Red Bulls regular season finale, a 1-0 victory over Philadelphia, which brought a wild-card. Henry missed the game after being suspended for a red card against Sporting Kansas City.

But the first half ended 0-0 on Wednesday, mainly because of two attempts by FC Dallas. A mark of 13 minutes, Zach Lloyd shot almost scraping the bottom right hole. Jackson then pushed right Goncalves head closely.

At 76 Minute Brek Shea, a leading candidate for MVP of the league, a team returning from recent U.S. national call-up, power is cut off and has accepted a pass near the left post. It looked like the corner at the goalkeeper Frank Rost jump, but his chip shot on the goal area secured by rust.

Shea put both hands on his head in disbelief as much as frustration. At 84 minutes, Goncalves was the same when the oxide gasped.

The Red Bulls begin their desperate playoff push with a 1-0 victory against FC Dallas on 17 September.

Rodgers scored the winner in this game, and Wednesday night with his time on the track helped create the winning goal Richards in his place.

Cup draws record totals at Churchill Downs: Breeders

Churchill Downs again proved its popularity among drivers to host the Breeders' Cup.
A record 193 horses - eight previous Cup winners - are automatically added to the 15 races, including the $ 26 million Breeders' Cup World Championships has come to Louisville for a short time Huitième 4.5 in November.
Leading the way is the French mare Goldikova was the only horse race in three Breeders' Cup and gunning for four peat victory in the mile on the turf. As with the championship race last year - when the largest in U.S. history, an attempt to Zenyatta in 20 to 20 retired, only to find a head in shame from guilt at $ 5,000. 000 was classic - these races chose a "girl power" theme.
In addition Goldikova, 4 years old, Havre de Grace is trying to win the first woman to classical music on earth, Zenyatta wins in 2009, when it had grown into a plastic surface. British lunch Mare, winner of the Filly Mare Turf 2009 & the second in the last year, will take over the grass in the men $ 3 million.
Provide within it's Monday, but the names and order of preference in the areas of flood protection were released only on Wednesday morning.
With the addition of the $ 500,000 Juvenile Sprint at the top of the pre-records the previous record of 184 last year at Churchill.There were 166 in 2008 and 171 in 2009 at Santa Anita in the early years when there was a real card for two days and if no-grass races were held on a plastic surface for the first time.
The entries include 67 pre-graduate or group of winners, compared with 57 last year.
He said: "If you can not stop loving a race, you are looking for," President Kevin Flanery track, Churchill Downs in a news conference. "... We know it is the culmination of a year to concentrate on the big race in the world. And all this here at the end of the eighth title of the Needle".
Thirty-three horses were entered in two events. Havre de Grace also was fourth in the Classic November to pre-entry women, despite the owner Rick Porter said his goal is to compete against men.

Price earns 100th victory as Canadiens have to crush Flyers wire reports
October 16, 2011

MONTREAL - you feel a desperate need to keep their next victory, Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens have a positive effect on a crude reminder that jobs have reacted collapsed on the track.

Price made 21 saves for his 100th Victory and Max Pacioretty scored two goals and an assist and Montreal ended a series of six defeats with a 5-1 victory against the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday.

Assistant coach Perry Pearn Canadian was fired before the game. GM Pierre Gauthier told his new players in the locker room a couple of hours before the pre-match warm up.

"It was a great shock to all players. Did not see coming at all," said Pacioretty, the decision was a season with an injury to the upper body.

"If things go wrong, you have messed things up and somehow a message to players willing to do anything to have to win hockey games.

"It's a decision that the administration did. None of the players are actually involved in that, but he has shown us that the work is safe from a person, and we have to weigh at a time like this and do what you can earn. "

Andrei Kostitsyn Pacioretty assisted on a goal 10:26 into the second and scored later in 2:12 3-1. He added his second goal of the game in the third.

Yannick Weber scored a power play goal late in the first period to tie them with one. Michael Cammalleri also scored for the Canadians, who got his first win in six games at the Bell Centre (1-3-2).

"We needed one," said Price. "There was a lot of honest hard. It was tough mentally for all, we too happy to do more with less, and have the opportunity again in him [Thursday] night [in Boston]. I hope we can continue what we did today night. "

Canadians who are 2-5-2 in general, not deeper into the season before his second victory since 1941-1942, when he came to a 1-10-1 start.

Jaromir Jagr scored his third goal in two games for Philadelphia, which played their first game without injured captain Chris Pronger. Ilya Bryzgalov saved 23rd

"They have a lot of back pressure through the media," said Scott Hartnell, who assisted on the goal of Jagr, who opened the scoring midway through the first.

"If we become more disks, it seems that connect to their development and there are at least three individuals, and are four against two prisoners. And we do not just once or twice, we have all this time the second and third."

Canadians were not mentioned at the first opportunity for visitors to Philadelphia for a penalty 58 seconds in.

The dark mood soured Jagr sold-out Bell Centre crowd was sealed away when the Flyers 1-0 at 10:43 with a goal with signs of their salvation.

Weber sent a jolt of energy in buildings with the first 2.6 seconds left on a point shot in the left post for his second goal and Montreal had the objective of playing a quarter of the season.

Kostitsyn will receive credit for the establishment of Canada 2-1 in the second half. Trying to compensate, Daniel Briere went right Kostitsyn slip, which confirms a video review of the goal.

Pacioretty, on Monday night 2-1 loss to Florida, leaving at the end of a second with an upper body injury, has a two-goal lead at 12:38 hours, when the disc is shot from the left to redirected to the right to open his third goal.

He made it 4-1 with his second goal of the game - his fourth of the season - 3:16 in the third. Cammalleri increased the lead to four with his third goal at 15:36 clock.

Pronger on bed rest and is expected to miss two or three weeks after suffering an eye injury in Monday night's 4-2 victory against Toronto.

Pronger, who wears a visor, was above his right eye by the stick blade Mikhail Grabovski Maple Leafs center is the same.


Sean Couturier C Flyers played their GM Paul Holmgren ninth and now decide whether to remain with the team he sent to his junior team or back. Couturier, who has two goals and two assists, was selected by Philadelphia in eighth place in the project in June
Coach Peter Laviolette Flyers used his timeout 4:29 into the second.
Price, who is 100-80-26 in general, did not play for the first time this season on Monday. He had five attempts, not only to win their next step will be a 5-1 win Winnipeg.
The Canadiens 1-5 on the power play.

Back small team on top in Spain

Having less than 24 hours in the second place in the Spanish Liga after a 1-0 win in Barcelona in Granada on Tuesday Levante jumped back in the first place on Wednesday with a goal from Ruben Suarez in the extra time allowed, the Valencia small club to another big win, 3-2 against Real Sociedad. Levante was the seventh consecutive victory. Real Madrid and Barcelona jumped into second on the strength of their 3-0 win against the visit of Villarreal.

Manchester City has retained its trademark free-form beat Wolverhampton Wanderers March 5 to 2 in the quarter-finals of the League Cup. (AP)

     Five players from all Women's Football consecutive year of price, Marta is back in the 10 players nominated for the award this year. The United States has three players on the roster: Alex Morgan, Hope Solo and Abby Wambach. The finalists are Homare Sawa, the captain of the World Cup in Japan. The three finalists, who by the coaches and captains of national teams of the head of women and representatives of international media will be collected if known, December 5 Sea. The winner will be announced on January 9 in Zurich.

Beyond the box score: Pitchers spark interest in potential Game 7

ST. LOUIS - The postponement of Game 6, more attention to the World Series Game 7

But what about this game 6?

Can the St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa would have lost one or two things from this series, but Game 7 bites and speculation about the twist in the wind of Missouri until his team can make the final game.

The whirlwind of questions about Chris Carpenter, pitcher in this series of references to the ECA. You may be better to focus on Derek Holland, has launched as more like a pitcher in this series to life.

"Chris Carpenter can not! Chris Carpenter can not!" was the cheerful choir near St. Louis, almost from the moment the forecast alarming.

But Carpenter was on three days' rest, if Russia to throw in Game 7. Holland, but could not return to his shutout in the ninth inning of Game 4 of the normal four days rest.

For now, La Russa said Kyle Lohse, Game 7 Starter - "We are Kyle Lohse list out there," was his very brief statement of a block-on Wednesday.

Texas Rangers, Ron Washington said he was not reluctant, Matt Harrison, with more emphasis.

"Harrison is my Game 7 pitcher," said Washington. "Harrison was a big part of this team throughout the year. I do not change what I have done throughout the year.

"That's why we are where we are, and why I say that Harrison".

Perhaps you remember the game, and acute in Harrison Lohse. This was the third game, 16-7 Cardinals victory, and outputs of eight points ahead of the fifth inning.

So the temptation is obvious.

But in 43 postseason games from 2000 to 2010 of the pitchers on three days rest for pitchers have a record of 11-20 with an ERA of 5.05 and an average of five innings a start.

Carpenter was a time, starting Game 2 of the division series against the Philadelphia Phillies. That lasted three innings in this game, so that four points, five hits and three walks, while San Luis, met to win 5-4.

"I did the best I could," said Carpenter. "I did not do well? No, but we won and that's what matters."

Not much different from the previous line against the Rangers Lohse normal rest: three innings, three, five hits, two walks and a victory for the Cardinals.

It is a difficult choice for Russia.

But first.

There will be no change in Game 6 shots. Colby Lewis, Texas and San Luis Jaime Garcia is expected again to fight their two games in the same plant, in weather conditions that are almost identical to Thursday from 50 degrees and 11 mph wind at the start of the game.

This game was the lowest score of the series, a 2-1 victory from Texas flew in the ninth inning, in which the game is less rallies in St. Louis to win the next two hinges. Remember, the Cardinals have their first three games of the Rangers had won no way that a tug found.

Now it's the Cardinals today and released a 7 to force play.

When La Russa said, when asked about this game 7 boot difficult: "We do not know how the game went 6 So we are about to play the game 6 .."

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Catalyst-in-chief in propelling Indian cricket to great heights: MS Dhoni

By Rohan Kallicharan
There is absolutely no love lost between the current teams India and England cricket. There can be no mutual respect, but the protagonist becoming quite evident that both parties do not, at this point in time, especially as the others.
Frankly, it's exactly as it should be, as long as honesty and justice is not questioned. International sport is not intended to be a walk in the park. And with the pride of a nation is at stake, never criticize the athlete used the famous technique above by Stephen Waugh as Äòmental disintegration, AO. If players are unable to withstand the psychological and physical pressures of international sport, are not eligible to compete at the highest level.
However, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what brings the game into disrepute. England have reached the top of the gaming world with a very aggressive drive, one that destroyed the Australians last winter, becoming Ashes series protagonist, before the Indians thrash the English summer.
It is fair to say that both sides have been close to the line, maybe and only just, without passing through it during the course of this ODI series. In many respects, one could argue that it was necessary to give life to a series that many suggested no sense, in which players might have been expected to go through the motions.
In retrospect, this was never going to be the case. This England team, with coach Andy Flower, knows no other way to play the game, and India are not violets shrinking. World Champions Cup one day had a very big point to prove after the humiliation in England and were not willing to let Alastair Cook, star of the team making it to prevail at home.
So what we really learned from this short series, apparently bolted to an already full schedule with little international resonance valid for this? The obvious conclusions are that India remains near invincible in their own soil, and in England as vulnerable as ever in the subcontinent. In fact we have seen why India is currently world champions, and England to a team that has managed to reach a World Cup semifinal since 1992 in a format of 50-more than simply never learned as well as others.
To study at a micro level that give an idea of ​​the future of several players on both sides. While England were missing key components of your hand in the form of Eoin Morgan, Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad, India had five of their marquee names in April, becoming the leading World Cup final in Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Singh Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh.
Among young people who were impressed Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin, not to mention the very promising Ajinkya Rahan, who seems to have the potential to reach the top of the game. Suresh Raina is still a very good player one day, especially in the subcontinent where the ball rarely gets above waist height.
The star of the series for Virat Kohli was the hosts who came into the series in the back of a successful Nokia CLT20 and seemed an act of trust and classy. That was omitted in the test team went to England, but the selectors to look at what is embedded in the format of the game, especially at a time that is full of clues.Australia will not be an easy task for an Indian player rumored that the fight against short ball, but if you are a large or even very good hitter at the highest level, there is no place for the protection, but has to be exposed and will have to learn very quickly.
Special mention should perhaps go to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was the target of some, frankly, ridiculous criticism during the tour of England. It is true, had a great time as wicketkeeper and captain, and not until the journey was long so finding some form with the bat. However, he has been a chief catalyst in propelling India to the heights in the game world than ever had been reduced, despite the big names that have emerged in recent years.
It is a credit that has cleared the head and has a young team from the front of a series that had absolutely no intention of losing. He is the box office, but as even the largest, there are times when you need to reorganize and away a few weeks with the Chennai Super Kings in a light less obvious seems to have rejuvenated.
It is crucial for Indian cricket that the likes of Rahan and Ashwin start acting in a manner sufficient to challenge the likes of Gautam Gambhir and Harbhajan, respectively, for their places. It is very easy in a drive for success, so that players become too comfortable, unless the selectors to show cruelty to cool. Has been the secret of England in Test cricket in recent years, particularly in the bowling department.
For England, there are more questions than answers, and this has been an experience of punishment to cook so early in his tenure as captain of an international day.
Kevin Pietersen remains the dilemma on the day of launch, which failed to score a hundred since 2008 in Cuttack, but the questions, while legitimately be asked about his place in the team is still a player world-class with an average of more than 40 in this series. Now, however, should be a place on this side of Ian Bell, who has been England, becoming a leading player of the year, however, only appeared late in Kolkata for the last match of the series. If not at the expense of Pietersen, Ravi Bopara seems to be the player most at risk, having failed in this series, and has been found wanting in consistency over the past two years.
Many English supporters conveniently gloss over this series, but Andy Flower's response tells a different story. The England coach was absolutely livid with their positions after the fall miserably in the last game of the series. On the other hand, Duncan Fletcher, finally has the momentum after the humiliation of the summer, with a higher probability of success against the West Indies inconsistent over the next six weeks. England is not to panic, but remain in the world, becoming a better player next to the test and also at the top of the T20 classification. The set of 50 on the remains of his weakness, but have four years before in a game in that format really means something.
Despite some tense moments and unpleasant, the two groups of players have shown a strong commitment in the series, one in whichIndia, if not earn redemption, were able to turn the page at the end of a difficult chapter.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Test squad Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

DUBAI: Squadrons and officials for the second cricket Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka from the stage in Dubai on Wednesday:

Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, Taufiq Umar, Imran Farhat, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq (captain), Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Shoaib Malik, Adnan Akmal, Saeed Ajmal, Abdul Rehman, Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Junaid Khan.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan (CAPT), Angelo Mathews, Tharanga Paranavitana, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Prasanna Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Rangana Herath, Suraj Randiv, Chanaka Welegedara, Suranga Lakmal, Kosala Kulasekara, Dhammika Prasad, Nuwan Pradeep , Kaushal Silva.

Referee: Tony Hill (NZL) and Shahvir Tarapore (IND)

TV umpire: Zameen Haider (PAK)

Match Referee: David Boon (AUS)

India eyes white wash 5-0 against England in Calcutta

Kolkata: High on confidence, is one of the main press India to a tabula rasa 5-0, when the horns of the neighborhood with an unhappy cricket in England in the fifth and last of a Dayer at Eden Gardens.
A disciplined performance in all departments was the culmination of a 4-0 triumph in India so far and look like men `s Mahendra Singh Dhoni will continue to dominate the show tomorrow in what is presented as the depreciation of the series' .
". Let's try to go 5-0 when they play cricket well, things will go our way, but the important thing is to do my best," Dhoni said last night after India beat England by six gates to enter in the series 4-0.
Batting and Fielding bowling India was almost perfect, certainly helps, a cover of 5-0 and adaptation would be perfect for a celebration of Diwali day.
While India was brilliant, English, pointing to the other party, the body language in the program for a submissive surrender to Indian soil.
In contrast to his show in England, where they beat India in the same way in both tests and had a cricket day.
No doubt it was the enormous advantage of its initial state, but coach Duncan Fletcher, having been defeated in England, no doubt be delighted that young people have extraordinary character of the series will be shown, if applicable.
Whether in Mumbai batsman Ajinkya pacemaker Varun Jharkhand Rahan or Aaron, offering a great start last night, young people have shown that hunger and the same finesse as age, won in the absence of several key players in the side of the CupWorld is well drawn.
As India squandered a dominant performance to date was in England about to win Mohali show an ambitious target of 299 to come.
However, the Rahan 21, only the face of Mumbai in the Indian Ocean line-up, seized the opportunity with both hands by the 91-game victory earned him the deserved man of the match.
It has established a platform for hunting is Gautam Gambhir important support provided Dhoni led the home team, win the series after winning the third of a day in Mohali.
Last night in Mumbai, India, was another wonderful performance by a rookie Aaron, nicknamed fast bowler in India after successfully completing over 150 `s, a national party.
It was a perfect start to the player who eats fast pace and bounce, while the tail was cleaned in English with an impressive 6.1 a 3.24 off at the Stadium Wankhede.
Generates enough bounce, swing rhythm was good, and vice versa, since the three layoffs clean bowling the batsmen.
Aaron was not short of pace is always a sign of notches 140kph as the provision of the bite, the pace NewLook Indian attack in the absence of Zaheer Khan.
Dhoni was all praise for the young player.
"It's annoying a little faster than some of the other Indians. I was always around 140. It` s nice for some small rapids to go bowling and see put a little effort and bowling more than 135 miles per hour, "said Dhoni.
Pace spearhead Praveen Kumar and Vinay Kumar R is not the task and India, saw ammunition in the speed range, the duo stuck to the discipline, without anything fancy.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Zaheer, Sachin unchanged in ICC rankings

Sachin Tendulkar was the highest battery placed India on its position unchanged in fifth place, while Zaheer Khan injured pacemaker took place sixth in the table, bowling the final test result of the International Criminal Court issued on Sunday.
Rahul Dravid, remained at 10, the only Indian batman in the top-10.
On the other hand, Kumar Sangakkara is close to regain the number one position in the ranking of Test batsmen after hitting a saved game with a double century against Pakistan in the first test in Abu Dhabi, which closes on Saturday.
Sangakkara, 211, won him the man-of-the-party, won 29 points in the notes for his outstanding effort and now only 31 points away from the rest of the series is now a position held by South African Jacques Kallis.
Sangakkara, who had jumped to the top of the batting table in December 2007, had lost the coveted position at the beginning of this year to Kallis and Tendulkar after two batters stroked centuries of champagne on the test established in Cape Town.
The main driver of the table is obtained with a tab Taufeeq Umar, the first match in Pakistan, which won 17 seats went to his epic 236, 496 balls. Lahore 30 years is now in a position of 46.
Also going in the right direction Azhar Ali in 33 in 37 (a place) Mathews, Angelo (two seats), Prasanna Jayawardena to 48 session (two seats), Mohammad Hafeez at 60 (six seats) and Asad Shafiq in the 90th (six seats).
Mahela Jayawardena drummers losing ground Younus Khan and Tillekeratne Dilshan, the Court said in a statement.
In the rating of the test bowlers, Pakistan exploded a left arm quick launcher Junaid Khan 62 places to 66 position to claim their first five pedestrian route in the first round of Sri Lanka.Junaid returned figures of five to 38 and ended the test with action figures 45.1-9-121-6.
Pakistan's Umar Gul, who bagged four of 64 in the second innings, Sri Lanka back on page 20 He now is 20 position after winning two seats.
The list of players is "led by Dale Steyn South Africa with a pair of James Anderson and Graeme Swann England second and third place respectively.